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Dear Players! We are working on the game so hard and now we are ready to give you good news. This updates fixed most bugs and corrected balance of cards

- Fixed a bug with a crossbow - Fixed a bug with deleting of buildings - Improved chat and added chat spam-filter - Fixed subtraction rate after win - Fixed a bug which let disable sabotage effect using buildings improving - Corrected an improvement cards - Improved performance of the server and fixed most causes of disconnects. - Fixed some problems with registation. - Fixed achievements"Wizard" and "Lord" - Fixed "waiting for opponent" screen when you use two same cards. - Сorrected in-app purchases - Redesigned order of looting cards (more drops in multiplayer mode) - Improved matchmaking. Now it uses more strong rank border. - Added a warning that the enemy surrendered - Added a loading screen after registration - Fixed some problems on Linux. - Added new sounds

Balance: Koshey: +10 to cloth price. -5 to demage Robot: +20 to cloth price. +5 to wood price Catapult: +10 to wood price Mayor: -5 to cloth price Reaper: -5 to cloth price Teddy: +15 to cloth price Magic needle: +5 to mana price Magic bubble: +5 to mana price Sabotage: +10 to mana price Box: +10 to mana price

The game still works badly on Mac and some antivirus still blocks connection with the server but we will also fix it soon.

Thank you!

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